Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Problems and Solutions

Can a solution to one problem create a new problem?  Students in Mrs. Evans' Science classes read an article and realized that yes they can!  They read about 3 real examples of this happening and then created a poster about one to share with the class.  After all groups finished they went on a poster parade to read the other groups findings.  Many were surprised that these sometimes good solutions could lead to new problems, but realized that we have to always be thinking and on our toes!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Class News!

I hope you received your password to a new program called xtra math.  It is a free program for students to practice their facts and I receive reports about their progress.  I hope you can log in and try it out!

 Another neat website to check out is  The challenge is to design and create a working invention that incorporates at least one rubber band.  There are cool prizes and our class can win money if we have the most entries!  You can see past winners on the sight to get ideas!  Stretch your imagination and invent something really cool!  The entry deadline is not until April 2nd. 

Rubber Band Contest
Xtra Math

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Class Update

We completed our bread experiment today which focused on making observations and the students did an awesome job! We set up the experiment last week and had to wait 5 days to make new observations.  We had 4 slices of bread.  One slice was placed in a plastic baggie, another in wax paper, one in a paper bag, and the last slice was on a plate.  We were making observations to determine which method kept the bread the freshest.  Students first noticed that the slice in the plastic bag was still soft, but the one left on the plate was very hard.  Some noticed the slice on the plate had no odor, but the one in the plastic bag still smelled like bread.  One group even noticed that the hard piece from the plate was smaller than the one in the baggie and seems to have shrunk!  That led us to a possible new research question and future investigation!

Tomorrow we will play a fun game to practice rounding.  We have worked on place value and addition and subtraction of whole numbers and decimals.  We took out first timed multiplication test last Friday.  The students got 5 minutes, but must know the 11 and 12 facts now!  Practice when you can!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What is a Scientist?

We have started into our new Science books and the big question for Unit 1 is "What is Science?"  While discussing that we also talked about "What is a Scientist?"  The students wrote their thoughts and drew pictures of what they thought a scientist was.  We had many mad scientist in lab coats!  I hope they will soon realize that they are scientist!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the new school year!  I know things outside are crazy, but inside we are starting to settle into our new routine!  All students have gotten off to a great start and seem to be glad to be back.  We are starting into our new Science book today and began our first Math unit yesterday.  Below is information I received from the Cincinnati Observatory about a great event they are having this Saturday.  If you don't have weekend plans it would be a great learning day! 

This Saturday the Cincinnati Observatory is holding its annual Astronomy Fair from noon until 11pm.  It’s an opportunity for kids, parents and teachers to look at the latest and greatest astronomical equipment offered by local and national vendors.  Activities include, classes, educational materials for teachers, kid’s space crafts, safe viewing of the Sun, swap table, meteorites, tours of our historic buildings and more astronomical door prizes than you can imagine.  We’re even giving away telescopes. 
12pm to 5pm   main displays, classes, and tours - $6/adults, $4/kids
6pm to 7pm   Dinner (reservations required) - $20/person includes lecture
7:30pm to 8:30pm   Keynote Lecture by the Editor and Chief of Sky and Telescope
Magazine, Robert Naeye (reservations required) - $10/person for lecture only
9pm to 11pm   Viewing through the old telescopes (weather permitting) -$6/adults,
3489 Observatory Place
Cincinnati, OH 45208